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Spring 2020 Virtual Performance


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You will receive your music from your director and information about how to turn in your recording.  Please make sure to do (and not do) the following when making your recording:

- Record ONLY your part on your instrument.  Do NOT include your name or record your voice at all.  If you are using one of the background tracks or the conducting video to help you stay in tempo, make sure to use headphones or keep the volume turned off.

- Try to record in as quiet of an environment as possible.  Background noises may make it difficult for your part to be able to be included.

- Make an AUDIO recording.  Do NOT submit a video recording.  Hundreds of free recording apps are available using the built-in microphone on phones and tablets, or you are welcome to use recording equipment, should you have that in your house.


Your school will receive credit for participating on my web site once the finished video is posted.  It will be shared with all of the participating schools.  If you have any questions while you are working on the music or making your recording, please contact your director.  Answers to frequently-asked questions will be added to the bottom of this page (if questions are asked).

I am so grateful for all of you for being a part of this.  You have this opportunity to show the world that social isolation will not limit the power and reach of music.  Thank you for again for your participation!

Full Digital Recording

Thank you for your participating in this virtual performance opportunity!  I'm excited that your director has signed on to be a part of this project.  Your individual recording will be blended together with literally hundreds of recordings from all across the country, and perhaps from around the world.  Even though we are disappointed we can't all be together with our ensembles due to school closures, technology has allowed us to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to be a part of something much bigger!

Full Digital Recording (with count-off)

Fanfare con SpiritoBrian Querry
00:00 / 02:02
Fanfare con Spirito - with Count-offBrian Querry
00:00 / 02:09

Individual Instrument Recordings
Each recording includes a count-off, a click track to keep the tempo, and a digital version of your instrument part.

Clarinet 1
Clarinet 2
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone / Bass Clarinet
Baritone Saxophone
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2
French Horn
Baritone BC
Percussion 1 (Snare, Bass)
Percussion 2 (Cymbals)
Percussion 1 and 2 Combined
Mallet Percussion (Xylophone)

Videos with the Composer Conducting
You may use these videos for practice or to make your final recording.

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