"Q on queue" is my all-new podcast, which launched February 1, 2021.  It is about a lot of different things - life, inspiration, music, family, and so much more.  In each episode, you'll hear a lot about my own life and some of what's been on my mind.  Most of the content for this show will center around my faith, my love for music, my career as an educator, and much more.  My desire out of this podcast is that we can do life together.  I might do a lot of talking, but I'm hoping it will be more of a conversation.  Thanks for joining me on this journey with me, as I bring to you what I have - on queue.



Episode 002: One Word (2/8/2021)

Note-taking Guide
Developing Your One Word (.pdf)

Episode 003: Love (2/15/2021)

Scripture List and Note-taking Guide


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