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Song #1

Ready to Launch

Book Music


Song #2

Into the Center Ring

Book Music

Song #5

Waltz Around

Alto/Bari Sax
Book Music

Song #8

Let's Have a

Trombone /
Baritone BC

Book Music

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This set of chamber pieces is one of our best sellers!  It meets the needs of elementary and middle school band directors looking for some flexibility for your groups or small ensembles.  There are a total of eight pieces that are all around 2 - 3 minutes in length. The pieces are written in a variety of styles, tempos, and meters, all accessible for young musicians. 


Each piece is written with three parts.  Each part is interchangeable between instruments.  You may choose to have three of the same instrument type play the parts, or you can put different instruments together - and the parts are the same.  Each Part 1 is the same, each Part 2 is the same, and each Part 3 is the same.  This gives you the flexibility of blending custom ensembles without the need for purchasing additional music.  For example, you can put a flute on Part 1, a trumpet on Part 2, and a clarinet on Part 3 - or whatever instrument make-up you'd prefer.  These materials were designed to be achievable by most students in their first few years of study on an instrument.  You may find it appropriate to mix students of similar experience levels, or even across experience levels.  These pieces are designed to pair with focus concepts, such as tempo, meter, and rhythms.


Each set includes eight books:

  • Flute/Oboe/Mallet Percussion

  • Bb Clarinet/Bb Trumpet

  • Eb Alto Saxophone/Eb Baritone Saxophone

  • F Horn

  • Bb Tenor Saxophone/Baritone TC

  • Baritone BC/Trombone

  • Tuba (Note: Tuba book is a bass line to accompany each
    exercise and is not the same as the other books)

  • Snare Drum/Bass Drum/Piano

With purchase, you also get accompaniment tracks for each song.  There is a percussion/piano track and a piano only track for each song that you may choose to use, or you can have those parts played live.  You also get a rehearsal click track for each piece.

With purchase of the set, you get the exclusive rights to reproduce and perform this material to fit your ensemble’s unique instrumentation and/or small group arrangements.  You also get recording rights (including internet posting/streaming). 

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E-Print Set
.pdf of all 8 Books

.mp3 of accompaniment tracks

Printed Set
Spiral-bound copy of all 8 Books

CD of accompaniment/rehearsal tracks
Access to all materials digitally also

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