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Spring/Summer 2024
Consortium Project

Grade 1 1/2 Band Composition with Professional Soloist!

This incredible opportunity is the first in a series of solos for various ensembles at varying experience levels.  This consortium project is for the commissioning of a Grade 1 1/2 work for band (upper elementary/middle school) that features a solo part for a professional musician.  This could also be performed by an advanced high school student or college musician, but will be designed to invite in and feature a professional performer. 

The concept behind this commission came from a discussion I had with several colleagues about the lack of literature with substantial solos for this age group. I had the idea to connect a professional/advanced musician with the ensemble. And, this consortium was born.


For this particular consortium, the work will be for band with a solo trumpet.  Participants will receive the following:

  • Being part of a collective world premiere (exclusive performance rights period July 1-December 31, 2024)

  • Mention of director's name and school/ensemble name in the score

  • Delivery of parts and score digitally no later than June 30, 2024

  • Practice materials and exercises to help prepare the piece

  • All duplication, performance, and recording rights included

To sign up, please complete the form linked below.  You will receive confirmation, contract, and invoice for payment within 72 hours.


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